Stray Game Download for Android APK+OBB

The game is a third-person adventure game. It has open-world elements, with an emphasis on atmosphere, exploration, and art. The player controls a stray cat who falls into a world populated by robots and ventures back to his family. They must solve puzzles to advance the story, including moving obstacles and crossing platforms.

The player is accompanied by a drone companion named B12, who can help by translating the robots’ language and storing found objects around the world. One of the game’s enemies is the Turks, who will attack the player in vicious swarms.

Stray Game Download For Android

Cats are a popular choice for pets around the world. Apart from their interests, they don’t care about anyone. Of course, many people are curious about the lifestyle of cats. That’s why Stray Mobile, a brand new action simulation game, has been developed. In this game, you play as a mobile cat roaming around a technologically sophisticated metropolis.

Players are immersed in a 3D cat-themed experience throughout the game. The controls and photorealistic visuals are superb. To give consumers the best possible chat experience, every action has been refined.

However, solving puzzles, interacting with other cats, and leaving the city are the objectives of the game. However, some pests aim to destroy everything in their path. Use many items that you can get anywhere.

The world loves cats, which are tame, creatures. Apart from their interests, they do not care about anyone. Naturally, many people are curious about the lives of these cats. This is the reason for creating the new action simulation game Stray. You play as a wandering cat in a technologically sophisticated metropolis in this game.

How to Download Stray Game Android APK Obb File

If you want the Stray android apk, just follow the instructions below:

First of all, download the stray game apk for Android via the download button on this article.

After that, just follow the steps to get the download link.

After completing all the steps, you will get your download link, just browse it and download your game.

How to Install Stray Android Apk?

If you want to know more about Stray game download in the Android installation process, just follow the instructions below:

Stray Game obb download for Android.

And install the downloaded apk file.

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What is Stray Game Android?

After dogs, cats are the second most popular pet in the world. Although they are self-sufficient, these creatures want their owners’ attention. However, since their lifestyle and behavior differ from dogs, people want to know more about them.

With the Stray Mobile apk, users can explore Cyber City from the perspective of a cat. One of the most original games today is this one. Cats are pets that are popular all over the world. They don’t care about anyone else but their interests. Naturally, many people wonder how these cats live.

This is the reason why Stray was created, a new action simulation game. It’s one where you play as a stray cat in a city full of advanced technologies. The game allows players to immerse themselves in a 3D experience as a cat. The graphics and photorealistic controls are out of this world. Every move has been perfected to give users the best cat experience.

Despite being a cat, you have as many skills as cats have in the real world. Completing the escape from the city is the ultimate goal. The number of cats to engage with and the number of puzzles to solve is endless. Overall, this is a special game that will test your knowledge about cats.

Stray for Android Gameplay

As it is a 3D-action simulation game, the gameplay is quite simple. You play as a cat and discover the world through his eyes. You are free to run and walk in any direction.

By pressing various buttons, it is also easy to acquire resources and money. Another button allows you to enter the game immediately. The best feature of the game is that it doesn’t stray too far from what cats naturally do.

This is sort of how the game keeps its sense of reality. For example, there are several difficulties, such as various obstructions and steep walls and floors. You will face enemies in the form of drones and bugs that will eat you up in the game.

Features of Stray Android Apk

Characters: Have you ever considered playing a cat? It gives you that feeling when you are lost. A stray cat is the main character of the game. Your mission is to bring him back to his world.

The story progression is unlocked by completing quests. The existence of CyberCity is explained here. In addition to this, you will meet and interact with other characters in the game.

An interesting puzzle system: Stray is a typical platform game with a diverse puzzle system. You are constantly engaged in the game. The main objective of a level is to solve puzzles so that you can advance to a more difficult level.

A Fantasy Open World: Stray takes place in a fantasy city known as CyberCity. There were once millions of people living there. There was a mysterious disaster that made the people disappear completely. Now there are only robots living in the city.

Face the enemy: Your biggest enemies in the game are strange creatures called Zurks. They are fearsome genetically modified creatures, ready to eat anything. It is impossible to fight Zurk. Getting away from them as quickly as possible is the only way to stay safe.

Hiding from the patrols: Stray plunges you into a cyberpunk world full of dangers. There is always a sense of vigilance in the city. Everywhere you look, there are patrol planes. To hide from prying eyes, you must be as agile as a cat. The consequences of doing the wrong thing will be severe. The game ends when you are spotted by the patrol planes.

Flexible control mechanism: your character can move and act in the game world just by moving his joystick. Having a flexible control mechanism makes the game more enjoyable. It makes you think like a cat. You have to grab or jump on spots to get over obstacles. When you approach the object, you can interact with it.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stray Cat Game Download Apk?


The application is safe and secure.

You can easily install and use the application.

Third-party ads are not available.

It is free to download and use.

There is no need to register for the application.


They will not be automatically updated.

Google does not always check them.

There is little innovation in the design
It is not suitable for slow Internet.

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