GTA India APK+OBB Download For Android Mobile

The GTA franchise is so successful that many people still play these games to this day. But in GTA India Apk Obb, you can experience India in GTA.

Gta India game is pretty much a module pack that is installed in Gta san andreas, and then exported as an apk or app for IOS. It contains many different types of Indian themes, for context if we choose the places and locations of the game. They are transformed into Indian places and landmarks where you can find many types of monuments and famous places.

Usually, GTA games are set in America, where developers create fictional cities based on real cities. For example, there is Vice City based on Miami and Los Santos, simply Los Angeles.

But in GTA India, you will be able to play in India, where you can see everything located. Here you can find landmarks in India that you can visit.

About GTA India Apk Obb Download

App Name:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Mod)
Developer:Rockstar Games
OS Version:Android 7.0+
Package name:com.rockstargames.gtasa
gta india apk download

One of the most popular action games released on all desktop platforms and has gained recognition from gamers because of the huge open world, a wide range of tasks and missions.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is played from a third-person perspective in an open-world environment that gives you the choice to follow the story, search for clues and meet contacts, or have fun stealing cars and money, beating up pedestrians, and avoiding the police.

How to Download GTA India APK Obb File

If you want GTA India android, just follow the instructions below:

First of all, download GTA India apk for Android via the download button on this article.

After that, just follow the steps to get the download link.

After completing all the steps, you will get your download link, just browse it and download your game.

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How to Install GTA India Apk?

If you want to know more about GTA India download in Android installation process, just follow the instructions below:

GTA India apk obb download for Android.

And install the downloaded apk file.

Now extract Obb file. open this folder com.rockstargames.gtasa.

Files > texdb > txd and rename files.

& move this “com.rockstargames.gtasa” folder to Android > Data.

Now enjoy your Android GTA India.

Features of GTA India Apk

gta india apk

New city scale. Now in your submission you have the whole state of San Andreas, divided into three large cities and several small villages.

Expanded list of secondary tasks. Now it is possible to visit all kinds of places and even have a girl.

Added role-playing elements: body switching, pumping skills and other skills (driving, bike stunt, shooting, etc.).

Two analog controls for full camera and movement control.

Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.

Completely redesigned character customization, including the ability to change almost any part of the wardrobe.

Significant increase in vehicle variability. In addition to the usual cars, helicopters and boats, there are bikes, trucks, etc.

It is possible to upgrade individual cars.

Gameplay of GTA India Game Apk

gta india apk obb

This game is mission based and open world, so you just browse until you are ready to do things, then you go do them. You’ll have cars, bikes, motorcycles, guns and sometimes NPCs at your disposal throughout the game.

You can also buy houses, visit businesses, pick up hookers and all the other things that give GTA Hits its unique charm. In the Android version, nothing has really changed. The graphics have been slightly modified to fit the resolution of the new screens and, of course, the controls have been adapted to touch screens, but we’ll talk about that here.

Apart from the momentary adaptation to mobile, this is the same game that everyone enjoyed in 2004. The touchscreen controls take a bit of getting used to, and they’re a bit clunky. You can choose between analog controls and on-screen buttons if you want.

gta india android

Eventually, you get used to the touch screen controls, but it never quite loses that clunky feel in the game. The left side of the screen is generally dedicated to movement while the right side is dedicated to action buttons. According to the support page, you can also control the camera with your right hand if you need to.

If you’re experiencing frame rate issues or really want to push your camera, you can also change things like resolution, frame limiter, targeting mode, visual effects, draw distance, shadows, reflections and more to help increase performance or improve the look of the game.

It’s your choice, so here’s what we liked The game itself is long and huge. It’s open world with lots of side missions in addition to the regular story, so there’s a whole lot to do, much more than your average Android game. We really like the flexibility with the game’s controls and settings.

gta india apk

Having three types of on-screen controls and full controller support is nice, and giving the player the ability to change the settings to their liking is always better. The mobile-specific tweaks really help make the game more enjoyable.

Things like updated graphics and support for saving to the cloud hit most of the required marks for what makes a mobile game good. Some speculate that the tag in the Google Playstore is because it takes you to the Rockstars website and then buys merchandise, but we assure you that there are no in-game purchases in this game.

Here’s what we didn’t like so much: there are no gameplay achievements or gameplay support at all.The on-screen controls are clunky and eventually you get used to them, but there’s never that 100% comfortable feel.

If you have a controller, we highly recommend using it. Rockstar really put a lot of work into this port with the graphics settings, all the different control settings, updated graphics and more. They have done just about everything a developer can do to make a console game look and feel great on mobile.

GTA India Android system requirements

Minimum specifications:

Nowadays, most Android phones are equipped with 3GB of RAM or more, but the game only needs 1.5GB to run.

OS:Android 7.0
RAM:1.5 GB
Free Storage:2.61 GB

Recommended specifications:

If you want to play GTA: SA completely smoothly in intense fire and explosion situations, your Android phone or table must meet these specifications:

OS:Android 7.0 and up
CPU:Snapdragon 632 1.8 GHz Octa-core
GPU:Adreno 506
Free Storage:3 GB

Advantage and disadvantage of GTA India Apk


GTA India Apk is different from other games because of its good and different storyline. This story fascinates the players to play this game.

With this GTA india Apk, a player can explore many things in the game.


GTA India Apk Obb requires very large storage of your device which may decrease the storage of your device.

Due to the heavier size of GTA india APK game, your device starts to lag and affects the performance of your device.


in today’s post we learned how to GTA india apk download. You can play this game by downloading it from the link. I hope you have found your favorite GTA india android game.

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