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I would like to offer you The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in Russian torrent completely free download from our website, complete with all extras. Isaac is the protagonist of the game’s story.

Joe, hearing a special voice from God ordering his mother to kill her own child, panicked and fled to the basement. According to the voice, the infant must be killed immediately because it has been defiled by sin.

He sees this through a crack in the door and decides to hide in the basement as the mother goes into her son’s room with a kitchen knife. There, the most terrifying worries await him: an army of hostile monsters and an endless labyrinth of inaccessible rooms.

This young man is also far from melancholy, which can hold him back and destroy his personality. Although significantly modified, the plot of the game is based on the biblical story of the same name. The kid uses his tears as his primary weapon in the shooter-style action. He uses it to shoot and kill opponents.

Details of Binding of Isaac on android

Game NameBinding of Isaac
Release Date28 September 2011
DevelopersEdmund McMillen, Florian Himsl
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5
ModeMultiplayer video game
GenreRoguelike, Action game

The game’s environments are randomly generated, and each new area differs from the one before it in terms of its layout and the creatures it contains. In secret places, treasures can be discovered.

Some of them have power-ups that can give Izic supernatural abilities, allowing him to easily defeat dozens of enemies. It is important to note that these ingredients are rare and difficult to obtain, and their potency is short-lived.

About the Binding of isaac android

Help a kid overcome a nightmare with Niklis’ role-play game elements in this isometric arcade. Isaac’s mother watched many religious TV shows and decided to sacrifice her son’s life. The boy managed to hide in the basement and found an underground world under his house.

The world is full of evil and scary creatures. Players will help Isak to save and enter the dark kingdom. Defeat terrifying monsters and fearless beasts!


The main character in the toy is a little boy named Isaac. His mother is crazy. She saw in her son all the bad things that had happened on earth and decided to sacrifice him to burn away all his sins with him.

The boy’s only chance of escape was through a hatch on the floor, where he managed to escape his distraught mother. Through a hole in the floor, Isaac entered a mysterious dungeon. There is no turning back.

The boy decides to explore a mysterious place and finds himself on many dangerous adventures. At each level, the user will have a specific mission.

After completing it and killing the main boss of the location, the gamer will be able to unlock a new character. This hero will help the boy to solve puzzles.

Features of The Binding of Isaac APK

An updated version of the first The Binding of Isaac with improved graphics and animations. And with many additional changes that affect the gameplay.

There are over 450 helpful items in the levels, each with unique properties.

There can be up to 50 bosses and each requires a different strategy.

There will be new content every time, and the playtime will last up to 500 hours.

Integrated controller support for popular control pads!

Gorgeous graphics that are simple in design but brutal in execution.

Two players can cooperate. It is more exciting to explore the unlimited universe.

Hours and hours of different game content.

Advantages of the game

Innovative soundtrack;

Various missions and tasks;

Unusual characters with whom you can interact during the game;

Many traps and monsters await at every turn.

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