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Welcome to our games ki duniya website, where we present everything new in the world of games. Now you can get far cry 3 android apk obb download, one of the best action and adventure games ever from a first-person perspective developed by Ubisoft.

It is very popular because it has an interesting story, high graphics, and many other features that we will mention. You can get Far Cry 3 APK for Android and Mobile and enjoy playing an interesting and challenging adventure.

Far Cry 3 Android is an open-world game with 3D first-person perspective. The game takes place on a picturesque island scenario where the main character of the game is with his friends and is kidnapped by a strange pirate who rules the island you have to escape and fight him and solve a series of mysteries and puzzles. Will have to get more information in between. This wonderful island is full of fear.

Details of Far Cry 3 Android apk

Game Namefar cry 3
Release Date29 November 2012
DevelopersUbisoft Montreal, Massive Entertainment
PlatformsPC / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3
ModeMultiplayer video game
GenreShoot / Action

Several versions of the series were released after Far Cry 3, but the truth is that this version is the most famous and many players choose to play it because they enjoyed the game so much, so a mobile version was released where you can play Play and enjoy your favorite games on Android.

It will only take you a few moments, as the game is highly compressed and small in size, and you can download it with direct links from MediaFire and Drive. The game relies heavily on action and shooting, so you will find many different weapons that you can use to fight the gangs, such as pistols, machine guns, RPGs, and many other weapons and awesome tools.

Not only that, as we mentioned earlier, Far Cry 3 Android is an open-world game where you play on a huge and highly detailed island with multiple locations, villages, cities, beaches, and much more. which you can drive and explore. Vehicles like jeeps, boats, bicycles, bicycles, and various other vehicles.

What Is Far Cry 3 Mobile APK?

Far Cry 3 is the third installment of the Far Cry 3 game series and was launched in 2012. It sold over 10 million copies worldwide. It was named Game of the Year in 2012. It was developed by Ubisoft and the total size of the game is around 15GB and that is the reason why it cannot be released for mobile devices.

However, if you want to play it, you can use it. To run Far Cry 3 APK Android game files on your Android device. Currently, the game is under development. So you shouldn’t expect it to have everything the console and PC versions have but more slowly. The developers are updating the game to match the official version.


far cry 3 apk

When you download the Far Cry 3 mobile apk you will be able to play online and offline where you can play cooperatively with your friends and explore the game world and also play against others because you have things to play.

And can also create tasks. You can play offline without an internet connection and the story of the game and its conclusion, as it is very exciting and suspenseful, as well as with a large set of sub-quests and various activities that you can engage in while exploring the island.


far cry 3 vehicle

Players need to take the help of some resources so that they can cover the place easily. For such work, several vehicles are shown. For example, there are different types of vehicles available.

  • Jet skis
  • Hang gliders
  • Boats
  • Buggies


far cry 3 weapous

Far Cry 3 mobile relies on shooting, and firearms play a major role in all of these things. Players can choose a variety of supports to easily take out opponents.

  • Submachine guns
  • Light machine guns
  • Launchers
  • Sniper rifles
  • Handguns
  • Knives
  • Explosives
  • Machine firearms


far cry 3

The game has many amazing characters such as the game’s protagonist Jason and his friends and Crazy Wass and other pirate characters. You will also face many different enemies. These characters are characterized by great realism and amazing performances and acting as well as many other features that you will see while playing.

Play Online or Offline

While there are two versions of the official Far Cry 3 android game, the Android version is not far behind. The developers have made it possible to play the game both online and offline. If you want, you can link your social media accounts to the game and add your friends to the game to play with them.

Playing the game offline will work best if you don’t want to burden your device as many resources are downloaded and loaded to make it work online. However, you can download Far Cry 3 android apk without any worries and play it online or offline according to your needs.

Features of Far Cry 3 Download For Android

There are so many features in the play that we cannot mention them. These are some of the most important features of Far Cry 3:

  • The game world is full of different geographies, terrains, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • You can drive and drive different types of vehicles and explore the game world.
  • Great characters and powerful enemies. You can set the difficulty before you start.
  • You can easily download Far Cry 3 Android APK for free with a direct link.
  • Full controls on Android allow you to play easily and freely.
  • The graphics of the game are more than stunning, with stunning HD.
  • High realism Everything in the game looks real and simulates reality.
  • High-quality effects like music, explosion sounds, shooting, and more.
  • The story of the game is very interesting and entertaining and you can have a good time trying it out.
  • You can play online and offline and fully customize your play style.

How To Download Far Cry 3 Android apk?

The information about Far Cry 3 Mobile APK is shared above and we hope you have understood what this game is all about. When you are ready to get this game, you can use the link below to far cry 3 android apk obb download. This is actually a direct download link to get the Far Cry 3 Android Game APK OBB file for installation.

To get started with these files you have to follow some steps and if you have done it before. Then it is very easy for you. Some game lovers may be new to these files and we have thought about them too. That is why we have listed a step-by-step guide to install this game using the downloadable files from this page.

How to Install far cry 3 android apk?

If you want to know more about the far cry 3 game download in the Android installation process, just follow the instructions below: 

  • far cry 3 mobile apk obb download for Android. 
  • And install the downloaded apk file.


Friends, in today’s post we learned how to far cry 3 android apk obb download. You can play this game by downloading it from the play store. I hope you have found your favorite far cry 3 apk download for android. Today I told you about far cry 3 mobile apk downloads, which you can play for free, yet if you have any objection to downloading far cry 3 androids, then you must tell us by commenting below.

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FAQ: Far cry 3 apk

Far Cry 3 Free Download APK Is Safe?

If you are downloading Far Cry 3 Apk + OBB for Android from this page, you don’t need to worry about anything. We check every file ourselves before making it available on this website for others to download. The same goes for Far Cry 3 for Android, and we have tested the game on our devices and it is working perfectly.

Can I play Far Cry 3 on Android?

Yes, you can play the Far Cry 3 game on an Android device using the download link provided.

Is Far Cry 3 Available For Android?

Officially, Ubisoft has only released Far Cry 3 for PC and console devices such as Xbox and PlayStation. However, we have found the Far Cry 3 Android game files working and you can use them to play on your mobile devices. Use the link mentioned on this page to download the Far Cry 3 APK and enjoy playing it on Android devices.

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