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If you have come here by searching free fire diamond hack app download on google then surely you must be playing the free fire game. and enjoying it but most of our youth face the problem of how to get free diamond in free fire game? But so that you do not have to face this problem, we will tell you in detail in this article how all our free fire game players get free diamonds in Free Fire Game? So that they can double the fun and thrill of this game.

After getting the Diamonds in the Free Fire game, many types of Characters can be unlocked. And he can earn a lot of money by playing the game. There are thousands of games online. Using this one can easily earn money.

Until you get the Diamonds in Free Fire, this work is very difficult for you. Because with the help of Diamond in Free Fire, you can unlock many Characters. And to get diamonds in free fire, you have to know how to get free diamonds in a free fire?

Free Fire Diamond Hack App Download

As we told you earlier that we are not sharing any kind of diamond hack, script, or cheat. Here we have found some legal ways by which you can buy diamonds without spending your hard-earned money. All you need to do is install a few earning apps and use them properly.

Free Fire 10000 diamonds hack Nothing but false hope, scammers think we are impatient, poignant fools and nothing else, and by using such tricks they get profit from us.

Diamonds are used a lot in the Free Fire game. But they are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them, and no one wants to spend money on buying diamonds. To solve this situation, players want a Free Fire Diamonds Hack app download, which can help them to collect free diamonds and enjoy the game more.

So guys, if you want to save your hard-earned money, then keep scrolling down the post to find some of the Best Free Fire Diamonds hack apps downloaded.

Free Fire Hack Download Unlimited Diamond

The apps that I will share here are online earning apps, and you can use them as a free fire diamond hack app. Also, all the given apps are legally safe to use. First, you have to make money using the apps provided, and then you can use that earned money to buy Free Fire Diamonds.

There are many ways to get free fire-free unlimited diamonds, one of which is the free fire-free diamond hack app. Also, there are many apps to get diamonds in this game but most free fire free diamonds apps are fake and only give false hope about free fire 10000 diamonds hack, few apps give free diamonds. That’s why we will discuss some such apps which give free diamonds and they are free fire free diamond apps. Also, there are many ways in those apps which help us to get unlimited coins by using free fire diamonds hack apps.

You guys must be thinking that by using these free fire diamond hack apps you will get unlimited diamonds instantly. But, getting unlimited diamonds quickly is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work to earn diamonds in Free Fire, but don’t worry, scroll down, and we’ve given a few steps to make the process of earning this tough diamond a lot simpler.

Free Fire Diamond Hack App 100% Working Download apk

The free fire hack diamond app is one of those apps which gives us chance to get free fire free diamonds, free fire redeems codes today India server. In these apps, we can get free legendary items and even permanent gun skins without any investment. Below we have summarized some of the apps that are the best free fire free diamond apps.

We want to tell you about such mobile apps, with the help of which all of you can easily get your Free Fire Free Diamond and friends, it is very easy to use these apps, now let us give you an idea about those applications. Let us tell one by one which is as follows:

1. Google Opinion Rewards free fire diamond hack app

Now we tell you another different way to get Free Fire Me Free Diamond, under which you can download and install Google Opinion Reward App on your smartphone to get Free Fire Me Free Diamond and after that, you have to do some small- Small online surveys will be available.

As a result, you will get free fire free diamonds and thus you can get free diamonds in all free-fire games. To download visit the link given below.

  • First of all download the Opinion Rewards app on your device.
  • Create your new account using your Google Account.
  • Get paid for completed surveys.
  • Use this free credit to buy Free Fire Diamonds Pack.

2. Big cash app free fire diamond hack app download

Now let us tell all our Free Fire players that to get Free Fire Me Free Diamond, you can download Big Cash App from Apple App Store and Google Play Store, under which you will get 20 rupees on game referral. And if you can refer to this game as much as possible then you will get free fire me free diamonds in huge quantities.

Click on Download Now below to download this particular application.

3. Playerz Pot free fire diamond hack app download

Playerz Pot is a popular free fire diamond app where we can get free diamonds in a free fire. After downloading and installing this free fire free diamond app we can get unlimited diamonds in a free fire. After installing we have to sign up for which we have to give our phone number and email id, then after submitting both our phone number and email id OTP will come and we have to confirm by entering OTP.

Remember, both the email id and the phone number must be ours, otherwise, we will not be able to sign up as we do not enter the OTP. We need to enter OTP to get Free Fire Diamond.

Then we have to provide a free fire username. We can provide here a Free Fire ID or name, any of these two. Then after giving the username, we have to give as many diamonds as we want. And then we have to enter the level of Free Fire.

After doing all this, by clicking on start and submit, the free diamond will be added to our Free Fire account in two to three hours. This trick is very effective. If this trick did not work for you then you can tell us by commenting. We will try to correct any mistakes you make.

4. Spin to Win free fire diamond hack app

Let us tell you that it is very easy to get Free Fire Me Free Diamonds, for which you can download the Spin and Win Free Diamonds app on your smartphone, and after that, you will get to see ads as many times as you spin it today.

And after these ads, you will get some coins i.e. coins with the help of which you can easily get free fire free diamond hack. To download this application also click on the download now link below to download it and get free diamonds.

5. Rooter free fire diamond hack app download

The router is a free fire hack diamond reward app that we can use to get a daily unlimited free fire to redeem codes. We have to collect coins here, and with those coins, we can redeem Free Fire Diamonds. Here we can redeem 500 free fire diamond with 10000 coins, 100 free fire free diamond with 8000 coins, 520 fire diamond worth 99999 coins, and 2000 free diamond with 100000 coins.

Here when we redeem free diamonds through coins we have to provide a mobile number and free fire user id. And then when we click on redeem now we will get a free diamond in our id in 7 days. But in our experience, we get a free diamond within 24 hours. And if you want to redeem the history you can check if our id has a free diamond or not. In this way, we can get free fire free diamond every day with the help of the router app.

6. mGamer free fire diamond hack app

mGamer is the best app to get free diamonds. mGamer is one of the best diamond hack apps. Through this app, players can get unlimited diamonds by just doing simple activities. This online survey app provides you diamonds, UC, and Paytm cash just for completing simple tasks.

By completing simple activities like filling out online forms and completing surveys, you can earn in-app coins. When you earn enough coins, you will be able to convert that coin into Diamonds, UC, and Paytm Cash. mGamer is a reliable and legit app that is available on the google play store.

7. BOOYAH free fire diamond hack app download

Booyah! The app is the official application of the Garena Free Fire game. In which you can live stream as well as create short gaming clips and share them with your friends.

There are many types of contests and events in this app, like, watch and win, in this you have to watch the given video or live stream. And you can all get rewards for completing tasks like guns, skins, diamonds, and much more.

8. Winzo free fire diamond hack app

Winzo is a free fire free diamond app. First, we have to sign up for this app and we will be eligible to get free diamonds. If we go to the promotion section there, we will get the option of a Free Fire Gaming Tournament. Where you will get a chance to play in many tournaments.

Here also we can get some free diamonds or money per kill. We can withdraw this money to our Paytm account. Before that, of course, we need to link our Free Fire account with the Winzo app. And when we kill, the free diamond will transfer to our Free Fire ID.

And you can withdraw the earned money through your Paytm or UPI. Friends, not only this, but with the help of this app, you can also take Diamonds directly in your Free Fire ID.

9. MX Player free fire diamond hack app

If you are thinking that how can you earn money from MX Player, then we would like to tell you that MX Player is a video player app as well as an online gaming platform in which you can win coins and cash by playing many games and Coins you later. You can redeem and withdraw the winning cash through Paytm, with this cash you can buy diamonds.

10. CashKaro free fire diamond hack app download

CashKaro is one of the best app to hack Free Fire Diamonds. We all love to shop online on various apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc. With the help of CashKaro app, you can earn money by shopping online, and then, you can spend that earned money on buying Free Fire Diamonds.

Install CashKaro App from here. Firstly, open it and create a new account using your mobile number. After that, choose a medium to shop and place the order. Now, when the package will reach your doorstep, you will get the cashback in the Wallet section of the CashKaro app. Thereafter, you can transfer this cashback to your UPI account instantly, and after that, you can use it to buy Free Fire Diamonds.

You can also join the “Refer and Earn Program” of CashKaro App to earn decent money. After that, you can use that money to buy Free Fire Diamonds through the official in-game top-up store.

11. Probo free fire diamond hack app download

Probo is an online opinion submission app in which users give their opinion on any issue or topic in the form of yes and no and etc. If your opinion is correct then you get a chance to win cash as a reward.

In simple words, you have to make predictions on any topic and you can withdraw the money you won through UPI and Paytm, so it is not that easy then you should consider using this app.

Like these apps, there are many apps in the Google Play Store using which you can earn money from your smartphone, so we are providing you a list of all the apps that you can download and install and earn money.

12. Rozdhan free fire diamond hack app

This is such an app that if you open it daily you get some coins which convert into money every night after 12:00 hrs you can easily withdraw these money and where are the diamonds in free fire id can i buy

In Rozdhan App, you are given many types of taxes like reading news, watching videos and playing games etc. You can get money in the form of coins and with that money you can buy free diamond in your free fire using this app. Click on the button below to download.

Free Fire redeem codes today india server

Every day Free Fire and some popular websites or famous players issue such Reedem Codes, which can get free Fire Diamonds by Reedem directly in Google Play.

In this post, we update the working redeem codes every day so that the first one can get the working codes and know the free fire redeem codes today india server.

These codes are in very less quantity, so whoever reads them first, only he wins, so you have to keep checking again and again.

They must redeem the code within 24 hours. Once the date has expired, it will not be considered valid. Players should not redeem codes with guest accounts and should check the Vault tab for their items in the game lobby. The redemption code that the gamer will apply must be correct with proper code otherwise it will not be accepted.

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Today Free fire redeem codes 2022 (Reward codes)

The following list will provide free fire redeem codes for all FF players that they can claim to play hassle free:



  • Firstly visit the official website of free fire redeem codes today india server.
  • Official Website Link
  • Now log in to your account with Facebook, Google account.
  • Click on Dashboard and tap on Redeem.
  • Now enter the activated redeem code (the promo code consists of 12 characters).
  • Press the redeem button.
  • Open your free fire game and check that you got your free free diamond successfully.


So as we told you that the Free Fire game is fast becoming popular among our youth due to its Adventures and the proof of this is that Free Fire is played in the highest amount in Brazil but there is a limitation of this game. It is that until you do not have Diamond, you will neither be able to become its pro-player nor will be able to play its next stage.

And that is why in this article we have explained in detail free fire diamond hack app download Or how to get free diamonds in free fire game 2022? And tell all the ways to get free fire diamond hack 99999. so that you all can get diamond in this game and feel its thrill.

We sincerely hope that you would have liked our article free fire diamond hack 99999, for which you will definitely share this article with your friends who play Free Fire and especially in Free Fire Lovers, do share as well as share with your friends. Thoughts and suggestions will comment with us.

And if you haven’t got diamonds even after following all these steps, then tell us by commenting so that we come up with more important ways for you, with the help of which you can get diamonds in free fire game very easily.

FAQ About: Free Fire Hack Diamond Apps

How do you hack a Free Fire diamond?

Ans: Most of the diamond generator is fake. They are also vulnerable to your Free Fire account. If you use them, your Free Fire account will be banned within a few hours. So please don’t use them. They are not trustworthy and are also insecure. Garena free fire never supports this type of website.

How to download Free Fire Diamond Hack App?

Ans: It is not possible to get diamonds for free after the latest update of Free Fire. If you want you need to buy diamonds with real money. You can buy diamonds from Buy Games.

Is Free Fire Diamond Hack App 100% working?

Ans: There is no legal apps to get free diamonds. And never waste your time with Free Fire Diamond Hack apps, Diamond Generator Tools etc. 

Best App to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

Ans: Although there are many good apps from which you can get free fire diamonds for free, but let’s talk about the most popular app Boyah app, which is the most used to get free diamonds.

What is Free Fire Diamond?

Ans: Diamonds in Free Fire serve as coins, from which you can get new characters, guns, etc. You can also buy these diamonds or you can also get them for free with some tricks.

Can Free Fire Diamond Hack?

Ans: You cannot hack Free Fire Diamond using any illegal methods. It is always safer to follow legal methods to get Free Fire Diamonds. Our website games ki duniya has listed all genuine ways to get diamonds. We also give you redeem codes on our website.

Where to Buy Free Fire Diamond?

Ans: Free Fire and Free Fire Max diamonds are available with redeem codes, Booyah app, Roots app, Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards, and more. 

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