Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast is one of the most loved and popular content creators out there.

With over 91 million subscribers on the youtube.

Recently, Jimmy appeared on the The Joe Rogan Experience, and dropped some details on his Squid Game video.

Jimmy surprisingly revealed that initially, Squid Game was supposed to cost $2 million, however somehow ended up being $4 million.

MrBeast opens up about his Squid Game video and its budget

The real-life Squid Game by MrBeast was a blockbuster hit. From that creepy big doll to fake blood to the mesmerizing marble game setup, every detail was just mind-blowing. The video already has over 200 million views right now.

MrBeast also revealed he has one of the largest studios on the East Coast. As the days go by, people learn more about the YouTuber and his drive to create better content, and they feel inspired.