Top 5 Highest Level In Free Fire In India 2023

Millions of people play the well-known mobile battle royale game Free Fire every day. The levelling system in Free Fire is one of the game’s key components. Through gameplay, task completion, and character levelling, players accumulate experience points (XP) and advance in level. Free Fire’s level 100 is the highest level, although getting there is difficult; very few players have succeeded in doing so. We will examine the identities of the Free Fire players with the highest level IDs and their methods in this blog post.

What level of Free Fire is the highest?

Reviewing the highest level in Free Fire will help us better understand who the players with the highest level IDs are. Level 100 is the highest level in Free Fire, as was already mentioned. By participating in matches, accomplishing missions, and levelling up their characters, players can accrue XP. Total XP needed to level up to 100 is 81,000.

Who are the highest level ID Free Fire players?

Many devoted participants in the Free Fire community have accomplished remarkable feats, such as levelling up. Even though it’s hard to know every player with the free fire highest level ID, a select number have attracted a lot of attention for their accomplishment.

1. Jash TSG

Indian Free Fire player TSG Jash is renowned for his outstanding prowess and high ID. He is one of the select few players who has levelled up to 100 in Free Fire and has amassed a sizable fan base on websites like YouTube and Instagram.

2. Ajjubhai94

Another well-known level 100 Free Fire player from India is Ajjubhai94, better known as Total Gaming. He has a sizable fan base on YouTube and is well-known for his fun gaming and educational films.

3. Unemployed gamer

Free Fire player from Bangladesh who has attained level 100 is known as UnGraduate Gamer. He has a sizable fan base on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook and is well renowned for his outstanding gameplay.

4. Sabir K. Boss

Indian player SK Sabir Boss is a level 99 player in the game Free Fire. He is renowned for his brilliant gaming, exceptional abilities, and commitment to the game. On social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, where he posts gaming videos and Free Fire advice, SK Sabir Boss has a sizable fan base. He’s been playing Free Fire for a while now, finishing tasks and levelling up his characters to level 99.

5. Mask-Based Gaming

Gaming With Mask is a Bangladeshi Free Fire player who has progressed to level 98. He is renowned for his brilliant gaming, exceptional abilities, and commitment to the game. On social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, Gaming With Mask has a sizable fan base and frequently posts gameplay videos and Free Fire tips. He’s levelled up his characters, completed tasks, and played Free Fire for a long time to get to level 98.

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How did they achieve the Free Fire highest level?

Free Fire needs a significant commitment of time and effort to reach level 100. Players must play a lot of the game and do objectives to gain the necessary 81,000 XP, which is a requirement for reaching this milestone. The players who have the highest level ID have put many hours on levelling up their characters in Free Fire.

These players not only play frequently, but they’ve also honed advanced abilities and winning tactics, which has accelerated their levelling up and allowed them to gain more XP.


Only a small number of players have succeeded in reaching level 100, the highest level in Free Fire, which is an incredible accomplishment. To achieve this goal, players such TSG Jash, Ajjubhai94, and UnGraduate Gamer devoted numerous hours to playing Free Fire, honing their abilities and techniques, and accomplishing objectives. Their commitment and diligence serve as an example to other Free Fire gamers who want to obtain the highest level ID.


What are the levels in Free Fire?

Levels in Free Fire represent a player’s progression. You start at Level 1 and can progress up to Level 100.

What is the max level in Free Fire?

The maximum level a player can reach in Free Fire is Level 100.

Who is the 100 level Free Fire player?

The term “100 level Free Fire player” typically refers to a player who has reached the maximum level of 100 in the game, showcasing their dedication and experience.

Is Free Fire suitable for 13-year-olds?

Free Fire has a PEGI rating of 12+ and a Teen rating on the Google Play Store, which means it’s generally considered suitable for players aged 13 and older. However, it’s important for parents to assess whether the content is appropriate for their child and to monitor their gaming activity.

Who is the No 1 Free Fire player?

The title of the No. 1 Free Fire player is subjective and can change over time. Various players have achieved high rankings and are considered top players in different regions and seasons.

What is CS rank in Free Fire?

The CS (Customer Support) rank in Free Fire is not related to a player’s in-game level or skills. It pertains to the support system and is used for reporting issues and inquiries related to the game.

Who is the king of Free Fire?

The title “king of Free Fire” is often used informally to refer to highly skilled and famous players, but there is no official designation for such a title in the game.

How do I increase my Free Fire level?

You can increase your Free Fire level by earning experience points (XP) through playing matches, completing missions, and participating in events. Consistent gameplay and completing tasks efficiently are key to leveling up in the game.

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