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I am fish game Apk Android is a video game. In this game, you help the fish to escape from the bowl and reach the ocean. I am a fish game 3D physics based or a type of adventure simulation game.

By playing a game, you understand the dynamics of ocean life and take charge of a golden fish that has come out of the ocean and is looking for its family to reunite. If you want to play other fish games, download and feed and raise fish.

I Am Fish Mobile is a wonderful physics-based adventure that follows four brave fish friends who are forced to leave their home in a pet aquarium.

I Am Fish Mobile is a wonderful physics-based adventure that follows four brave fish friends who are forced to leave their home in a pet store aquarium.

Details of I am Fish Download Apk

I am Fish Download Apk
Game Name:I Am Fish
Developed By:Bossa Studio
App Size:200 MB
OBB Size:1.50 GB
Price: FreeFree
Operating System:Android/iOS

The I am Fish video game was developed by Bossa Studio and published by Curve Games in March 2021 for Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and is now also available for Android and iOS mobiles. A very simple slice-of-life gameplay is present here, including various fish.

Although we can control three fish here, there are also other creatures to feature in this game. The main playable characters in the I am fish Android download are the goldfish, piranha, flying fish and puffer fish. Moreover, all these fish have their own unique mechanics in the game.

 I am fish Android

Particularly charming gameplay attracts all players in the beauty of the game as well as in the visuals. There is no doubt that thanks to this, you will have all different types of experience throughout the game. Also, here I am fish apk for Android; all the fish have different environments from where they start.

One is totally washed away, one is in the aquarium, one lives in an ocean and one is walking around. Your main objective is to complete various puzzles and lead these friends to their goals. The illustrations of the environment around the fish are based on high definition graphics.

This makes everything in the game very bright and also very clear. These graphics give the game as well as its environment a glow. In particular, you can play with these fishes in I am fish apk android on your Android or even IOS handsets.

Being the game in a small size, it is a great way for an underwater adventure. Apart from the confusing main game mode, other game modes are also available.

How to Download I am fish Android APK Obb File

If you want the i am fish android apk, just follow the instructions below:
First of all, download the i am fish game apk for Android via the download button on this article.

After that, just follow the steps to get the download link.

After completing all the steps, you will get your download link, just browse it and download your game.

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How to Install I am fish Android Apk?

If you want to know more about i am fish game download in the Android installation process, just follow the instructions below:

I am fish Game obb download for Android.
And install the downloaded apk file.

Features of I am fish Android Apk

Play as fish

There are several fascinating simulation games available nowadays that will allow you to have fun. These games are fascinating because there are so many unique ones available these days.

 I am fish Android

If you like to try new games regularly, you can now download unique ones. There are so many entertaining games to try right now, like the I Am Fish mobile simulator, which allows you to play as a fish. Your objective here is to get back into the ocean.

You’ll have to be in the water all the time, like a fish, if you don’t want to perish! You will be able to walk around in a fishbowl here. To reach the ocean, you’ll have to overcome a series of challenges that will test your balance, control and patience.

There are many challenging areas in this game that you must traverse to get home! You will be trapped in a room in a building and have to try to find your way home.

This game has the most realistic visuals for a smartphone game with simple controls.

A Fish Simulator

You can play a variety of games in many categories. With fascinating gameplay and visuals, today’s latest mobile games are bound to entertain players for a long time. If you like to play new and intriguing games, simulation games will suit you perfectly.

These are unique and intriguing games, such as I Am Fish! In this game, you play as a fish that must overcome several obstacles to escape. To achieve freedom, you will have to return to the water, just like a fish.

However, this is easier said than done because you will have to overcome several difficulties first. Keep in mind that you are starting in a room. You can freely use your bowl as if it were your own body here, allowing you to walk around in many places.

Lots of challenges and locations – Your goal in I Am Fish is to return to the water safely. You’ll then start in a room and work your way to the ocean.

You’ll have to overcome several obstacles that will test your balance, attention, accuracy and control. To get back down safely, you must pass through several buildings and locations. A fall can be deadly here, so plan your escape.

FAQ: I am fish android game

Is the game fully compatible with phone handsets such as Android?

The chance is that the game I am fish apk android download is now intended for all types of handsets. Even more than that, they are really comfortable to play with their easy controls.

Now, it is really easy to perform various movements simply with the handset. Indeed, this marks the I am fish android game as a comfortable handset game.

Can I play I am fish on Android?

Yes, you can play the I am fish game on an Android device using the download link provided.

How to download I am fish on my phone?

The download process is simple and easy and if you want to download I am fish game on your cell phone, check out the download section above, we discuss the step by step download guide.

How long is I am fish game?

The gameplay of this game I am fish lasts about 10 hours, but when you start playing, it becomes more interesting.

I am fish game multiplayer?

This I’m a fish game is not a multiplayer game, which means that you can’t play with your friends or other players. More importantly, it is a single player game that you can play without an internet connection.

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