PUBG Mobile New State: Release Date, Requirements and Features

PUBG: NEW STATE is a new mobile game from KRAFTON that uses the PUBG IP, which stands out as one of the best-selling video games ever, even reaching #1 concurrently in both the U.S. and China. PUBG: NEW STATE is set in the future with realistic gameplay and graphics that exceed the limits previously seen in mobile gaming. Today’s this article we will discuss all features.

Unfortunately, KRAFTON couldn’t introduce the game to everyone in person, and that we didn’t get the chance to celebrate and enjoy the game together because of COVID-19.

PUBG is a brand that started a cultural phenomenon with one game and evolved into a universe with limitless possibilities for expansion. PUBG: NEW STATE and the significance of its launch means a lot to KRAFTON since it’s a game based on the PUBG IP.

PUBG: NEW STATE was born from the know-how KRAFTON accumulated while developing and servicing PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, and by constantly challenging ourselves to provide entertainment beyond just the game by deeply considering originality and creativity.

PUBG New State Graphics

It’s a continuation of the PUBG franchise, but at the same time, a game that will be able to compete globally on its own merits. With PUBG: NEW STATE, KRAFTON not only implemented our unique battle Royale gameplay but also redefined the genre through original content, which will present new, exciting elements to battle real games.

And KRAFTON combined different technologies, including state of the art rendering and physics engine optimization, to make a game that will be incredibly entertaining and surpass the technological limits previously seen in mobile gaming to become a milestone for the mobile battle Royale.

It has been around 8 months since pre-registrations started on February 25, 2021. Since then, 50,000,000 players from all over the world have pre-registered for PUBG: NEW STATE.

PUBG New State Graphics

The key point of PUBG: NEW STATE slogan is that this is a next-generation Battle Royale game. As the creators of the PUBG franchise, KRAFTON’s goal was to provide next-level entertainment to global players by creating a next-gen Battle Royale mobile game in-house. I will now discuss PUBG: NEW STATE’s features.

PUBG New State Graphics

PUBG: NEW STATE has four defining characteristics. NEXT GEN REALISTIC GRAPHICS ON MOBILE. KRAFTON implemented realistic, next-generation graphics that exceed the limits of what’s been seen in games on mobile devices. PC-LIKE ADVANCED ACTION & Game PLAY KRAFTON recreated the action and gameplay seen in the PC version of PUBG for mobile devices.

unique features to the game that will add more depth to the battle royal genre. NEW BATTLEGROUNDS: PUBG UNIVERSE 2051 PUBG: NEW STATE expands the PUBG Universe, and reveals the future of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in the year 2051.

PUBG New State Graphics

I’ll start by explaining how KRAFTON implemented realistic, next-gen mobile graphics to PUBG: NEW STATE. To ensure that it would be acknowledged as a next-generation mobile game, we worked hard to achieve the most realistic graphics possible on this platform.

Using the Unreal Engine, KRAFTON actively utilized graphics rendering technology exclusively to PC games, including global illumination, auto-instantiation, and auto-exposure functions, to push the limits of mobile gaming graphics.

KRAFTON also put a lot of effort into the mobile CPU and GPU optimization. KRAFTON made efforts to improve optimization in other areas, such as character multi-parts mesh, run-time merging, movement logic parallel processing, physics engine optimization, control-feel optimization, and mobile-overheating optimization, and more.

PUBG New State Graphics

By focusing on optimization in these areas, KRAFTON aims to offer players a gaming experience with the best graphics and smoothest frame rates. PUBG: NEW STATE differs from other Battle Royale games in that it supports Vulkan, Metal, and OpenGL APIs, so players can enjoy the game with both increased graphics performance and optimization.

This way, players can experience battle Royale the way it was meant to be realistic and cinematic even on mobile.

Pubg: new state launch date

PUBG: New State will be dispatched in India on November 11. Other than India, the battle royale game will launching in 199 different nations including the US.

PUBG New State Maps

Using a level of realistic graphics that hasn’t been seen before in other mobile games, players can fully and truly immerse themselves in a Battle Royale game in this huge 8×8 open-world map. Troi is an original battle royale map unique to PUBG: NEW STATE. It is a expansive 8×8 open-world map with realistic graphics and physics that exceed the limits previously seen in mobile gaming. To make the gameplay even more exciting, 10 massive landmarks were strategically designed and placed throughout the map.

  • Troi
  • Erangel
  • Station
  • Training Ground
PUBG New State Graphics

In total, 4 maps will be available at launch: Troi and Erangel, which are 8×8 battle Royale maps; Station, the 4v4 Team Deathmatch map; and the Training Grounds. The Battle Royale Mode offers both FPP and TPP perspectives, and players can choose to either play solo or in a squad.

Alongside Troi, the first original map of PUBG: NEW STATE, you can also choose Erangel, the hometown of PUBG and a map still loved by many players, as you Battlegrounds. The concept behind Erangel in PUBG: NEW STATE is that it has been partially destroyed by countless battle Royale matches and years of neglect. 

PUBG: NEW STATE maintained arranges main identity while rebalancing and reinforcing some parts of the map. Through future updates, Erangel will gradually transform into a leading Battlegrounds of 2051. In addition to battle Royale, PUBG: NEW STATE will introduce a new 4v4 Team Deathmatch Mode.The only objective is to destroy your opponents in the Station, a symmetrical map.

PUBG New State vehicles

I will describe the new vehicles that are introduced in Troi. Electric vehicles will be the primary form of transportation in PUBG: NEW STATE since the game takes place in the near future of 2051. These new EVs have high acceleration rates for fast and safe travel, but the batteries will drain much faster in Blue Zones. 

PUBG New State Graphics

Furthermore, all vehicles have trunks, allowing players to stash extra supplies and safely exchange items with each other, as well as doors that can be used as a cover, which adds strategic depth to the game. There are additional features, such as “Search Drones” and “Deployable Shields” that encourage players to invent new and creative strategies on the Battlegrounds.

PUBG New State Green Flare gun

The next two features have a key impact on shaping the dynamics of PUBG: NEW STATE. The first key feature is the Green Flare Gun. Within the PUBG franchise, Flare Guns were used solely for airdrops. In PUBG: NEW STATE, Green Flare Guns are not used for supplies but extra reinforcements.

To clarify, “extra reinforcements” is a teammate who had already died during the session. So if you were spectating your teammates’ struggles out there on the Battlegrounds, you might get a chance to rejoin them and fight alongside them. The second key feature is the “Recruit System.” If you have an open spot on your team, you can recruit enemy players into your squad.

PUBG New State Drone store and customisation 

We have the Gun Customization System and the Drone Store. In PUBG: NEW STATE, players can customize their favorite weapons to change the weapon’s mechanics and enhance its performance.

the main weapon can be customized, which will broaden the range of weaponry that players can choose from. Weapon customization options will be updated every month so that KRAFTON can regularly refresh the gun meta.

PUBG New State Graphics

For the Drone Store, this new feature is all about looting “Drone Credits”, making a purchase with the looted credits, and then selecting a spot for drone delivery. If you and your teammates all pitch in your collected credits, you can purchase more expensive items from the Drone Store.

But be careful! The delivery drone might give away your position, and other players can steal your delivery by shooting down the drone.

A layered system has also been implemented, so players can customize their looks with costumes made up of various parts. By applying the layered system and different costume parts, players can make their own personalized characters to drop into the Battlegrounds with.

PUBG New State System requirements

You’re probably thinking that you’ll need a high-end device to play a game with this level of graphics.

However, KRAFTON focused on optimizing PUBG: NEW STATE so that the majority of global fans can experience and enjoy the game. 

System requirements for Android

When it comes to Android, the game can run on older devices like the Galaxy S7 as well as devices with 2GB of RAM.

System requirements for IOS

For iPhones, the game is supported on iPhone 6S and up.

Pubg New State Size

During the specialized test, Pubg: New State record was accessible on Google Play Store and the size was 1.26GB.

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